May 20, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Volvo puts safety first by limiting all of its new vehicles’ top speed

Also throws in a Care Key for good measure

Volvo has always been known as one of the safest cars in the industry. It has practically built its reputation around it with such technologies as the ubiquitous three-point seatbelt, as well as City Safety or Autonomous Emergency Braking in today’s automotive lingo. Now, the Geely-owned Swedish automaker takes things a step further with a move that is rather controversial—limiting its vehicles’ top speed.

Yes, Volvo Cars has just announced that it will be limiting the top speed of all new vehicles to 180 km/h. This is to ensure that one does not meet an accident because of speeding.

This is not the first time Volvo (or any carmaker, for that matter) has put an electronic speed governor on its vehicles. Most European cars cap their vehicles’ speed at 250 km/h. And if you really think about it, how many places on earth can you really go flat out at full tilt without the risk of getting injured or killed? And yes, it helps you stay within most places’ speed limits as it won’t really tempt you to “push it”

Apart from the speed nanny,, err, limiter, Volvo will also be throwing in the Care Key. This new feature allows owners to program more functions into the car and enforce these “measures” using the said key. Things like putting a lower speed limit, among other functions, would come in handy for that teen driver who wants to borrow the car. All a parent needs to do is hand him or her the Care Key.

Both these moves are part of Volvo’s vision that no one should be killed inside a Volvo. While it may limit the brand’s appeal and alienate those who are looking for more performance out of their ride, it may just be what’s needed to keep more people out of harm’s way.

What do you think about limiting a car’s top speed?

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