August 01, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Aston Martin Racing Driver Academy resumes its search for top-notch racing talent

As the world gradually opens up, motorsport activities likewise resume with programs like the Aston Martin Racing Driver Academy once again ramping up its search for the next generation of racing talents.

As before, the Aston Martin Racing Driver Academy is open to young drivers aged 17 top 25 who plan to participate in the Vantage GT3 and GT4 programs. It’s a way to give them their dream shot via recognized training program with a reputable marque like Aston Martin Racing.

The successful candidate will receive financial support to help them with their 2021 race program, fitness sessions, simulator time, and a TAG Heuer AMR timepiece.

Of course, one still has to prove that they’ve got pace and consistency to match the technical stats. Moreover, one must be able to handle teamwork, public relations, and commercial aspects of the role. And of course, one must be willing to grow as a motorsport talent and an individual.

With this, AMR not only hopes to go racing but to once again find the next big racing star.

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