January 25, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Aston Martin Racing opens its Driver Academy doors to aspiring young talent for 2020

Looking for fresh talent to pass on the torch to the next generation—this is the goal of the Aston Martin Racing Driver Academy, which returns for the year 2020 to train and discover a new breed of racing driver.

This year, the AMR Young Driver Academy is open to youngsters aged between 17 to 25 who plan to pursue Vantage GT3 and GT4 programs. Unlike the previous run, however, AMR intends to keep the number of drivers to just 10 to give more attention and seat time to each one.

Yet as in the past, contestants will be judged based on criteria such as race pace consistency, technical feedback, and overall fitness. Apart from this, drivers will also be evaluated on how they deal with the team and the public. And of course, their potential to develop will also play a huge factor in their advancement towards being a part of the AMR Driver Academy.

Aston Martin Racing Driver Academy

Besides being a part of the Driver Academy, each participant will receive financial support as they make their way to their 2021 race programme, a TAG Heuer Watch, fitness training, simulator time, and guidance from works drivers Daren Turner, Jonny Adam, Charlie Eastwood, and Team Principal Paul Jhowarth.

Interested? Submit your racing CV through academy@astonmartinracing.com before February 28, 2020.

Aston Martin Racing Driver Academy

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