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Bardahl’s No Smoke Campaign

Prevent your diesel engine from emitting thick black smoke and keep it running better

Bardahl Treatment

Bardahl is a U.S. brand with a wide variety of products that are sold in over 90 countries and 6 continents. With over 79 years of experience in the lubricant industry, Bardahl has been manufacturing the best additives and more for all kinds of vehicles to keep them running better and emit less harmful emissions.

Speaking of emissions, Bardahl recently started their ‘No Smoke’ campaign during the hugely successful Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) 2018. Bardahl’s ‘No Smoke’ campaign not only helps to achieve a cleaner environment, but more importantly keeps all engines running more efficiently while preventing them from emitting black smoke. What’s more, the process is very straightforward.

Simply use any of the following Bardahl products: CRDi Cleaner, B2 Oil Supplement, No Smoke Concentrated, and the Kiwami Fuel System Treatment to stop the vehicle from emitting thick black smoke most prevalent on diesel engines.

No More Black Smoke

An actual live ‘before and after’ demo was held by Bardahl during the MIAS using a fleet of diesel powered vehicles. In front of a huge crowd that had gathered, each vehicle was started and the engine was revved for several minutes for everyone to see just how much black smoke it emitted. Then a Bardahl CRDi Cleaner was simply poured directly into the gas tank and after a few minutes the engine was started up once again and revved just like before. Sure enough, the tailpipe was not emitting black smoke whatsoever.

The surprising demo moved on to the next product like the Kiwami Fuel System Treatment, the B2 Oil Supplement and the No Smoke concentrate that’s added to the engine oil. Just like clockwork, each Bardahl ‘No Smoke’ product worked effectively as it cleaned the fuel system and prevented each vehicle from emitting black smoke. What’s even greater is that Bardahl says that the vehicle’s engine will be in better condition than when it was spewing black smoke.

Bardahl is so confident about their product that they are offering a money-back guarantee if the black smoke isn’t eliminated.

Q&A with Mr. James Du, CEO Philchamp

C!: What is the reason behind the Bardahl ‘No Smoke’ Campaign?

James Du: Nobody likes black smoke emitting from their vehicles. Not only is it bad for our health and our environment, but it also indicates that the vehicle is not in top condition. Worse for the driver who can be penalized due to smoke belching violation. Aside from the hefty fines plus seminar, there’s even the possibility of the suspension of the motor vehicle registration. This is a serious concern which is why our aim is to provide an easy yet effective solution with our Bardahl ‘No Smoke’ Campaign.

The ‘No Smoke’ campaign highlights 4 Bardahl products to be used for either diesel or gasoline engines. Depending on the engine type and its current state, we usually work with four Bardahl products:  Kiwami Fuel System Treatment (Fuel Additive for Gas) CRDI Cleaner (Fuel Additive for Diesel), B2 Oil Supplement and No Smoke Concentrated (Oil Additive for Gas/Diesel)

C!: How does the ‘No Smoke’ Campaign go about?

JD: During the recent Manila Auto Show we conducted a Bardahl ‘No Smoke’ Challenge wherein we administered an actual vehicle treatment for a customer showing the before and the effect after using Bardahl products. Here’s the highlight: we offered a money-back guarantee in case the black smoke emission problem was not fixed. Happy and proud to report that after all the treatments were carried out, all were successful. You saw it for yourself. The effect is so immediate and visible it speaks for itself. Best of all, the vehicle’s engine will be in a better condition than when it was spewing black smoke.

C!: Tell us what makes these products (Kiwami, B2 Oil Supplement, CRDi Cleaner, No Smoke) effective in preventing pollution and help engines perform better?

JD: Bardahl Kiwami Fuel System Treatment is an advanced, fuel system detergent and friction fighting gasoline additive. In short, it effectively cleans out the fuel system and reduces internal engine friction for increased engine performance, improved fuel economy, and reduced emission.

Bardahl All-U-Need B2 Oil Supplement contains “Polar Plus” (Triple Protection) formula that clings to metal, forming a strong molecular film that restores compression thereby improving engine power and reduce harmful emissions.

Bardahl CRDi Cleaner is a fuel additive for diesel engines, formulated for today’s modern electronic injectors found in high-pressure common rail direct injection (CRDI) systems.

Reduces emissions and increased fuel economy in field trials and dynamometer testing.

Bardahl No Smoke Concentrated stops burning oil, lessens engine noise and restores compression-improving power and reduces exhaust smoke. It’s the number one selling product in its category in the USA.

C!: What are some of Bardahl’s latest products?

JD:  We’re excited to bring to the market the following new products: A. Oil Additives (Engine and Automatic Transmission Flushing Oil, Engine Stop Leak) B. Ultra Concentrated Fuel Additives (Complete Fuel System Cleaner, DFC with Cetane, Injector and Intake Valve Cleaner, Octane Booster, Knock Out)  3. Bardahl Filters (Air Filter, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Cabin Filter)

For Inquiries            

These Bardahl products and more are available nationwide through our dealers. For a complete list of dealers go to our FB Bardahl Philippines. Or visit www.philchamp.com

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