January 27, 2022 By Gerard Jude Castillo

Bentley Motors is going Beyond 100

In its bid to become a carbon-neutral automaker by the year 2030, Bentley Motors puts its Beyond100 program into high gear with some rather groundbreaking innovations down the line.

First up is the €2.5 billion investment that will see the reinvention of its already carbon neutral Crewe manufacturing plant. At present, the factory is utilizing measures such as solar panels as an alternative energy source. The company plans to increase the number of panels from the current 30,000 to 40,000 within two years.

This first step will help ensure its goal of being a zero environmental impact manufacturing plant down the line.

Then there is fuel. Bentley aims to make use of biofuel for its vehicles, including its Heritage Collection, which would translate to cleaner emissions and a more sustainable energy source. Moreover, it will be introducing the Flying Spur PHEV this year, as well as additional derivatives of the Bentayga PHEV soon after. 

And arguably the highlight of the Beyond100 plan is the five fully electric vehicles that will be introduced beginning in 2025. The Five-for-Five program aims to bring to market 1 fully electric vehicle each year beginning in 2025.

With this, Bentley looks to have an exciting and electrifying future.

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