February 20, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

Bentley to study how to make electric motors truly sustainable

Will EVs be as sustainable as they were intended, particularly in their construction? This is just one of the questions asked as we find ourselves on the cusp of an electric motoring future.

This is what Bentley and the University of Birmingham hope to ensure with their joint RaRE study. Set to take place over the next 3 years, the Rare earth Recycling for E-machines study aims to see how using rare earth magnets taken from electronics waste can benefit the automotive industry as it shifts its production to electric motors.

Just like our present demand for gasoline or diesel engines, there would most likely come a time when electric motors would be the main propulsion system, requiring a steady supply. This is where utilizing these recycled magnets and metals would come in. Moreover, they may just help make these motors more efficient in the long run.

The RaRE study will run in parallel with Bentley’s own Octopus program that studies e-axles for future propulsion. With these two programs, Bentley hopes to not only move into a fully electric future within the next few years. It likewise aims to make this a truly sustainable one.

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