October 09, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Bentley’s latest ISO certifications reflect how it cares for the environment

We all know Bentley for its ultra luxurious and sporty automobiles. Yet the British automaker is actually a staunch advocate for environmental and energy efficiency, as seen from its Crewe headquarters garnering a couple of ISO certifications.

Its design, engineering, and manufacturing facility along Pyms Lane has once again received the ISO 14001:2015 certification for environmental management standards, as well as the ISO 50001:2018 energy management standard.

The environmental management certification, which reflects how well Bentley employs best practices for energy, waste, and water usage while maximizing biodiversity and recycling, is nothing new to the carmaker. It first received the ISO 14001 standard certification in 1999, making it the first British automaker with such a long-standing record.

This effort to be environment friendly is further aided by energy monitoring initiatives. At the forefront of all this is the installation of a 7.7MW solar panel system on its car port. Considered as the largest in the UK, it has helped Bentley to not only maintain its ISO 50001 certification (which it has held since 2011) but likewise achieve a PAS 2060 carbon neutral certification from the Carbon Trust.

What all this means is that Bentley has one of, if not the most environment friendly headquarters in the UK. This shows that it is doing its best to design and manufacture cars that may be rather opulent yet still have a heart for our environment.

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