April 28, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

Bespoke Collective and Hermes come together to create the Rolls-Royce Phantom Oribe

Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective once again shows off its design prowess as it now collaborates with French design house Hermes to come up with the Phantom Oribe.

The new commission not only uses design elements from Hermes but also takes inspiration from Japanese 16th century ceramics, which its proud owner, entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa, fondly collects.

The Oribe influence is seen in the car’s two-tone exterior that’s made up of deep Oribe Green on the upper portion and cream white on the lower part. The former is a special color that will also be used on the owner’s private jet.

Stepping inside reveals the Hermes touch, mixed with a dash of Oribe ware inspiration. This can be seen in the predominance of Hermes Enea Green leather on many of the car’s touch points, including the climate control switches. Hermes leather complements this as it flows to various parts of the cabin, including the glovebox and trunk lining, and even the Champagne cooler. Speaking of the glovebox, its lid feature the signature Habille par Hermes Paris.

More intricate details like Hermes piping and matching lambswool floor mats help liven up the cabin while open pore Walnut veneer by Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective give it a bit of warmth. All this is finished off by artwork inspired by French artist Pierre Peron (1905-1988) that feautres the famous Hermes Horse motif. This is proudly displayed on the Phantom’s Gallery.

The Phnatom Oribe, Rolls-Royce says, is a true meeting of the minds between the craftspeople, engineers, and artists at Goodwood, West Sussex, and the artisans located in Paris. Once again, it is a reflection of the owner’s taste and persona—the true spirit of Bespoke Collective.

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