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Best of Show: Find out how this wildly modified Lamborghini Huracan of Keith Bryan Haw won the 2021 Best of Show Extreme Custom Car, Best of Show Contemporary, and the Best in Paint Award

Without question, Lamborghini’s are visually striking vehicles that strongly evoke emotion and define extreme performance in every aspect. Having said that, some enthusiasts may argue that it needs nothing else, while others see an opportunity to improve upon it.

In this day and age, all major supercar manufacturers are building powerful and well-designed cars. But the fact remains, that there’s still a huge demand to offer such cars with aftermarket bits and pieces to make them stand out and perform even more.

And there are no stopping performance enthusiasts like Keith Bryan Haw of Importhookup from transforming his Lamborghini Huracan into something substantially much more.

With way too many car-show-winning builds, style is something Keith is in tune with. Since this is his personal build, it greatly incorporates design cues that reflect how he wants the vehicle to look. A trait that also includes the wheels as he personally designed it together with the wheel manufacturer and of course, his signature white exterior color.

“My build plan was to make the baddest and wildest Lamborghini Huracan in the Philippines, showcase it in the Manila Auto Salon, and ultimately win best of show. But it never happened due to the pandemic. Since I already had most of the parts, it underwent several stages with different wheel and exhaust setups, simply because I wanted to enjoy the car before installing the widebody kit,” he said.

For starters, it’s not just some off-the-shelf wide body kit either, for it’s a limited-edition N-Largo kit from noted body kit manufacturer Novitec. Only 25 kits have been produced that include the wider front and rear fenders, side skirts, and rear diffuser. The hood is a piece from Vorsteiner while a Capristo glass and carbon bonnet can be found at the rear.

Finally, various carbon pieces from 1016 Industries altogether make up the exterior mods. With that amount of kit, this is more like having a complete body conversion.

The installation of the wide body kit requires gutting a portion of the wheel arches. An unthinkable feat that purists would surely cringe at while Keith himself did the deed using a cut-off wheel. Once that was done, Alex Isip of Alex Car Restoration installed and aligned all the panels, including color matching everything in Lamborghini’s Bianco Monocerous color using Cromax paints.

At first glance, the entire widebody kit looks so seamless it can easily be mistaken as factory stock. But what struck me most was how wide the rear fenders really turned out. There’s a lot of girths there, and the way they wrap around and fuse onto the rear bumper has an elegant yet aggressive look all its own as Keith explains, “The main styling cue here is to make this a clean widebody without looking like it’s a widebody. It’s called OEM+widebody. A person won’t know it’s a widebody until it’s seen side by side with another. It cleanly emphasizes the lines of the edgy Lamborghini design without altering its form.”

Manufactured in the States by Brixton Forged Wheels, Keith had an active part in the wheel design process which took 4 months as he explains, “Its a throwback to the circular wheel design of the old school Lamborghini, but with a twist to compliment the lines of the modern Lamborghini.”

Aptly named KB01, the wheel spokes are finely sculpted and incorporate a lot of details. The three-piece wheel construction allows for the wheel centers and barrels to have different finishes to achieve that custom one-off look.

At the front are 20-inch diameter wheels while the rears are 21-inches and wrapped with Michelin PS4 Tires. Perfectly tucking in the huge rollers against the widebody kit are Novitec Lowering Sport springs that allow height adjustability with the advantage of keeping its overall ride and comfort intact.

If whirling a naturally aspirated, V10 Lamborghini engine near the redline is absolute food for the soul, just imagine what if it had a supercharger? Well, wonder no more as this one has a supercharger kit from VF Engineering that bumps up the power by as much as 200-plus hp.

Opening the see-through Capristo carbon and glass bonnet lies the custom bronze finished VF800 supercharger along with a carbon fiber intake vent from 1016 Industries. To unlock the additional power output, a VF Engineering ECU tune comes with the kit. This is basically a real-time reflash that’s been specially calibrated to provide neck-snapping throttle response with a total power output of 800 whp.

A modded supercar just wouldn’t be complete without an aftermarket exhaust and only the best would suffice for Keith’s Huracan. Made of 100% titanium, RYFT exhausts are artisan-crafted which is evident in how each tube is crafted and meticulously TIG welded that’s also called “Lobster Tail”. It’s also significantly lighter, but the best part is the additional 20-plus horsepower it offers. Not to mention the quad tips with the burnt titanium effect that looks downright amazing. They are the genuine article after all.

Based on what’s evident on the tuning scene worldwide, Lamborghini Huracáns are one of the most modified Italian supercars right now. With a lot of high-end aftermarket exterior and performance parts to choose from, enthusiasts are doing more than just rudimentary wheel and exhaust swaps. They are churning out properly-built cars with modded engines producing insane power levels and a host of exterior styling pieces that make it look even faster. Something that’s exactly like Keith’s custom-built Huracan.

While its aggressive widebody looks and custom wheels are certainly what attracts the most attention, the howl from the supercharged engine will surely captivate Keith’s attention every time he slips behind the wheel and gets on the throttle.

Overall. it’s a world-class build that can certainly go head to head with just about any modified exotic on the planet. Winning the Best in Show Extreme Custom Car, Best in Show Contemporary Class, and the Best in Paint Award during the recent Manila Auto Salon and Sport Truck Show plus Trans Sport Show simply fortifies its impeccable build quality.


2019 Lamborghini Huracan

Keith Bryan Haw



  • 5.2-Liter, V-10, 40-valve, DOHC, Variable valve timing,

Engine Mods

  • VF Engineering VF800 Supercharger Kit
  • RYFT Titanium Race Exhaust


  • 800 WHP


  • 7-Speed Automated Manual

Suspension Mods

  • Novitec Adjustable Coil springs


  • Brixton Forged Wheels Targa KB01 (3-Piece Construction)
  • Satin polished double tint centers and Gloss brushed double tint lip
  • Front-20×10, Rear-21×12
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Tires
  • Front-255/30ZR20, Rear-325/25ZR21

Exterior Mods

  • Novitec N-Largo wide body kit (Full dry carbon with exposed gloss carbon)
  • Capristo carbon engine bonnet, Vorsteiner carbon hood
  • 1016 Industries Carbon side mirror, 1016 Industries Carbon intake vent
  • 1016 Industries Carbon GT wing

Interior Mods

  • Carbon Steering Wheel

Body & Paint

  • Alex Car Restoration using Cromax Paint

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