August 16, 2017 By C! Magazine Staff

BMW teases their new Z4 concept at Pebble Beach

Chassis design shared by BMW and Toyota

The covers are lifted just a tad for BMW’s Z4 Concept, scheduled for a full reveal on the 17th of August, 2017 at Pebble Beach. Details are pretty scarce at this point, but expect BMW’s tried and true roadster philosophy with substantial updates.

Interesting to note is that the chassis for the Z4 concept is the result of BMW’s and Toyota’s shared design. Yes, the very same chassis that will also be present in the upcoming Toyota Supra. What’s known for sure so far is that it will be rear-wheel drive as standard, will come in four-cylinder and six-cylinder variants and will regain its soft-top roof, rather than the folding hard-top of the current car. It will also be lighter, faster and sharper than the car it replaces.

Under the hood, it looks to be a range of 2-liter 4-cylinder engines and 3-liter 6-cylinders, with an entry level model speculated to be the SDrive20i with almost 200 bhp. The sDrive30i will come with 252 bhp, while the 3-liter straight six will have the B58 mill tuned to make probably 340 bhp in a likely M Performance version of the Z4.

Present is the unique design of the classic kidney grille and raised headlight clusters compared to current generation models. An aggressive look is present thanks to large air vents in the front bumper.

More details will follow as we get closer to actual reveal.

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