July 10, 2017 By C! Magazine Staff

C! Magazine conducts Road Safety Campaign in DLSU

100 Students from DLSU-MES were in for a day of learning

To promote road safety to the younger generation, C! Magazine held the second leg of its Road Safety Campaign before mechanical engineering students of De La Salle University, Manila last June 29.

C! Magazine tapped La Salle’s Mechanical Engineering Society (MES) and educated a hundred of its student members on how to become safe drivers.

The students were taught how to choose the right tires, first aid management after road accidents, different traffic signs, rules and regulations, and the Anti-Distracted Driving Act that was re-implemented this past July 6.

“We considered the MES of La Salle because some of the students will be involved in automotive engineering, will do jobs in the automotive industry, and will make powerful and safer cars in the future,” said Vince Pornelos, Executive Editor of C! Magazine.

Among the speakers of the seminar were Pong Tee of Tuason Racing School, Mike Potenciano from Petron Corporation, Bong Romero of Yokohama Tires Philippines, Lifeline Ambulance Service’s Paul Violetta, and Miguel “Mhigz” Panal of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

Tee, who was also a speaker during the previous road safety seminar, talked about the causes of road accidents such as speeding, drunk-driving, and other factors that can distract a person from driving such as texting, and making or taking calls.

“Please cascade all the information that you learned from this seminar especially to your parents…stop blaming anyone. Our purpose is to become a safe driver. Start encouraging yourself to be a safe driver and always follow traffic rules and regulations,” Tee said.

Aside from discussing the differences of a safe driver and an “incapacitated” driver, Petron’s Potenciano also enumerated ways on how to drive safer such as maintaining your momentum and steady pace while driving, appropriate gear shifting, planning trips ahead of time, and avoiding car idling to lessen car emissions and fuel consumption.

“Be sure to have a mindset of a safe driver. We are doing this not only because you want to save yourself, but also to save your family and others as well,” Potenciano said.

Meanwhile, Romero, assistant vice president of marketing and sales department of Yokohama Tires Philippines, taught the students on choosing the proper tire size for their cars, showed the different tire tread pattern/traction that correspond to various road and weather conditions, proper tire care, when to replace tires, and types of tire damage.

Other than emphasizing the importance of following traffic rules and regulations, Chief Inspector Panal also discussed the revised implementing rules and regulations of the Anti-Distracted Driving Act.

Academy Manager Paul Violetta of Lifeline Ambulance Service taught the students how to conduct first aid on themselves and their passengers following a road accident.

The C! Magazine Road Safety Campaign is presented by Petron Corporation, Yokohama Tires, in collaboration with MMDA, Land Transportation Office, Tuason Racing School, and Lifeline Ambulance Service.

The 2017 Road Safety Campaign also has Philippine Star, Wheels, and Ride and Drive Philippines as media partners. Other backers include Jergens, Lighthouse Marina Hotel, Goody, Mont Albo, Human Nature, Tamiya, Inc., Modarri, Lego, and Bo’s Coffee.

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