March 18, 2021 By Carl S. Cunanan

Cars And Going Green From Start To Finish

New cars are made with many new materials and technologies in all the right places. They are made strong, lightweight and increasingly with an eye towards the environment from day one.

audi RS 6 avant audi sport wagon

Modern cars like this Audi Sport RS 6 Avant are made for speed and safety with lightweight yet strong materials. They also have to keep in mind recycling when engineering.

Much has been said about the need for the world to go greener, and there are many answers for this. But the answers aren’t as easy or simple as we may think.

Lexus IS300h hybrid

Hybrids like the new Lexus IS300h may be the green answer for many, but we still need to look at the energy source itself


Take electric cars and hybrids for example. Yes they should pollute less, but the source of the electricity (which we as individuals cannot control generally) may well be a hugely environment-damaging dirty coal-fired plant. And an electric vehicle may well make sense in a more mature environment but not in a country or region where charging stations are few and far-between. Hence the appeal of hybrids.

factory smoke air pollution dirty environment

Car companies are getting increasingly green, not so always the power generation in too many countries.

What about lifespans and maintenance? As many collectors and enthusiast know, cars just aren’t made the same way as before. True they are safer and more efficient but they are also more complicated and honestly built to not last as long. This is in some way a function of environmental friendliness. Car company its have to build vehicles with certain levels of materials-reclamation in mind. So electrical wires may degrade more easily, for example. Car recycling in modern countries is easier than ever.

lancer evolution 3

We want to keep the old cars we love like this Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, but it is increasingly hard when modern manufacturing needs to keep recycling in mind


Now all this isn’t great for people who like to keep cars running for long periods, but it isn’t meant for us. It is meant for large markets that have easy access to systems that will take old products and reclaim that they can. In some markets it is as simple as going online and googling  how to scrap metal for cash. Quite educational by the way. It certainly shows us how far we still have to go.

But that doesn’t help those of us who don’t have access to places or services like that. And it doesn’t help the environment either. In many cases and countries, cars just get passed around until they get abandoned and left to decay. This is especially true in cases such as that of the Philippines, where regulations for many years have pushed the need to keep old cars on the road because you need to have a second car for when the first one is banned from use. 

Bentley environmental consciousness

Modern corporations like Bentley Motors need to take many steps to limit even the smallest amount of wastage and environmental impact

Almost all global corporations now, at least the most responsible ones, need to think about a product from beginning to end. They need to build in the ability to reclaim old products, perhaps refurbish them or at least dispose of them properly. Maybe even use the materials again. If you don’t, such as in the case of Nespresso, good products that serve a need may well be looked down upon because of the waste they produce.

The end result of all this is, hopefully, a better world for everyone.

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