May 27, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Centro’s Anti COVID-19 dividers meant to keep people safe when riding PUVs

As Metro Manila slowly transitions to General Enhanced Community Quarantine, many people are asking how sectors in public transport will cope with the new normal. Leading vehicle body builder Centro Manufacturing Corporation may have the answer in the form of its anti COVID-19 dividers.

As the name suggests, these are dividers that will be installed as aftermarket accessories for PUVs and UVs are meant to help protect occupants from contaminating each other while in transit.

Designed by Centro for different types of PUVs, including its very won Modern PUV, there will be a divider installed behind the driver and at his right to separate him from other passengers. There will also be a set of dividers installed at the rear to separate each passenger from the others.

All this adheres to the social distancing guidelines set by the government to help ensure that the virus will not spread any further. It’s all meant to keep everyone safe and healthy during this time.

The anti COVID-19 dividers can be installed at Centro’s plants in Novaliches or Cavite.

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