July 25, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Even after producing half a million PPEs, Nissan’s Sunderland team continues to churn out more

Since it begun producing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) sets last April, the Nissan Sunderland plant in the United Kingdom has churned out around half a million examples. These PPEs have been donated to around 100 or so health institutions in the region.

But now that production of motor vehicles and parts have resumed, Nissan is not about to stop the assembly of these sets as these are still very much in demand. This is why it has turned over the reins to a prison and rehab facility in Northumberland.

Staff from Nissan Sunderland Plant volunteer to manufacture PPE for frontline workers

Since April, a team of 57 volunteers has selflessly undertaking the PPE production at the Nissan plant. They will continue to do so, albeit this time at the Northumberland facility together with residents of the institution.

This is Nissan’s and the Northumberland residents’ way of helping in the continuing fight against the dreaded coronavirus. With a planned 40,000 PPE sets a week, it looks like they will be giving a big boost to the effort to combat the tide.

Here’s hoping for their success.

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