July 04, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Dodge’s Journey coming to an end

The American carmaker set to end production of its 5+2 crosover this year

Remember the Dodge Journey? For those that can’t recall, it was a 5+2 crossover sold by Dodge around 2009. Since then, it has remained unchanged and somehow faded into obscurity, particularly in our market.

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Well, it looks like Dodge’s Journey is coming to an end. The crossover, that is. After a little more than a decade of existence, Dodge has said that it will cease production by the fourth quarter of this year.

To punctuate the matter, the American carmaker said that it will have an all performance-oriented lineup from now on. It recently revealed the Charger Hellcat with a bonkers 797bhp motor and today unveiled the Durango SRT Hellcat with 710bhp of supercharged goodness.

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Apart from the Journey, Dodge has also put to pasture the Grand Caravan. Enthusiasts and baby boomers will know this nameplate as it is the grandaddy of minivans, the creator of the segment. But with its sister company, Chrysler, selling the Pacifica, it looks like it’s time to go for this one.

As for the Journey, how does 50 units sold before the lockdown, and only two examples released as of late sound? And this in the highly competitive American market.

So it looks like Dodge is aiming for car enthusiasts with different needs now. What do you think of this strategy?

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