March 23, 2016 By C! Magazine Staff

The electric vehicle advocacy vibrant in the beach capital of the Philippines


Boracay is a place where one goes if he wants to escape the hustle and the bustle and the pollution of the big city. So it is a welcome sight to see electric tricycles plying the streets without the usual fumes emitted by the regular tricycles.

It makes sense because when you want to enjoy a quiet and stress-free vacation in this island paradise, you do not want to sniff air pollution caused by gas-powered tricycles. Clearly, the country’s most famous beach paradise is taking steps towards cleaner transport in a big way.

There are now about 150 electric tricycles running in Boracay, supplied mostly by members of the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines. However, about 500 units more are still the traditional gas-powered tricycles.

EVAP member Tojo Motors is one of the frontrunners of electric tricycles in Boracay. They even have battery swapping stations in their area so that the electric tricycle drivers do not have “range anxiety”.

Bemac, also an EVAP member, is the latest to introduce electric tricycles to the island. They use a fast charging system for their units and even have a coin-operated charging station in their area.

Commuters prefer to ride in electric tricycles because they are more comfortable, roomy, quiet and smoke free. On the other hand, operators and drivers like the ETrike because it seats more. The ETrike models can seat 6 to 8 passengers while the traditional tricycles can only seat a maximum of 4 passengers.

EVAP President Rommel Juan says that EVAP is happy that Boracay is leading the way in environment-friendly public transport through electric tricycles. “And with the number of foreign visitors there, it is the best place to showcase to the whole world that the Philippines has a vibrant EV industry and is on its way to becoming the EV hub of Asia”.

“We hope that other LGUs in the country will follow suit and introduce electric vehicles in their own areas as well”, he adds.

Both Tojo Motors and Bemac will display their ETrikes at the forthcoming Philippine EV Summit 2016 on April 14 to 15, 2016 at the Meralco Compound in Pasig City. For details, please call Lani Labrador of EVAP at 9307003.

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