July 04, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Ever wonder how Mark Webber would spec his perfect Porsche Taycan?

Porsche has always been known to offer its customers the freedom to customize their ride to their hearts’ (and pockets’) content. You can spec everything from wheels to performance upgrades to the hilt and come up with your ideal Porsche. But how would gents like Porsche brand ambassador, multiple Formula 1 world champion, and FIA World Endurance Champion Mark Webber spec his Taycan?

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This question was answered by Webber during the lockdown as he spent his time at home in Monaco playing with the Porsche Configurator. While it’s a well-known fact that he already has his dream 911 in the garage, the Australian racer shared how he would set up his electric sports car.

For him, the perfect Taycan is really quite simple as the car’s overall design is clean and free of fluff. First off, he’d tick the Carbon SportDesign Package that gives the front end a sportier look. Sure, he’s only seen it on his device but it’s enough to convince him to go for it.

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Then there are the black 21-inch wheels that nicely complement the Dolomite Silver paint finish. This combo not only reflects Mark’s conservative and traditional taste in cars but likewise keeps the car’s already understated and stealthy vibe.

The same story can be seen in the interior. Webber would opt for a simple mix of Black and Slate Grey. It reflects the outside color scheme, enhancing it to a Tee. And of course, Alcantara must be the material of choice. It reminds him of speed, of motorsport for some reason. Need we say more? Oh, and he must have the panoramic sunroof to let in more natural light.

With the Taycan being an already awesome performance machine, Mark says that the only thong left for him is to spec his Taycan Turbo S with the Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control. This is the icing on the cake, so to speak, as it helps give the already capable electric sports car an even more controlled and dynamic drive.

And this is Mark Weber’s perfect Porsche Taycan. So, how would you spec yours?

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