November 25, 2021 By Gerard Jude Castillo

Experience the Eternal side of Lexus at this weekend’s display at Greenbelt 5

Lexus is often associated with luxury—the kind that cocoons you from the world. So when superheroes become part of the mix, you just know there’s something special here. Yes, Lexus, through Lexus Manila, partners with Marvel Studios to commemorate the release of Eternals via a small display this weekend at Greenbelt 5 Walkway in Makati.

On offer are the sporty yet still classy IS F Sport, the hip UX crossover, and the ultra upscale LM luxury van. Each one of these vehicles will also come with special discounts and offers from November 26-28, 2021 during the mall display.

And what about the superhero part, you ask? Well, they’re a new team that has apparently been living on earth for thousands of years. From obscurity, the events from the Avengers Endgame force them to step up and go against the Deviants—mankind’s greatest enemy.

Lexus, through Lexus Manila, will be celebrating the premiere of the new Marvel Studios film, allowing buyers to experience the kind of luxury and exhilaration one gets from the premium Japanese marque. Catch the mall display at Greenbelt 5 Walkway this weekend.

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