September 26, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Feast your eyes on the one-off Ferrari Omologata

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is arguably one of the most outstanding hypercars today. With 789bhp and 530lb-ft on tap, it is certainly one of the most potent. And it is wrapped in a svelte, wind-cheating body. But what if it were designed to become even more desirable?

This is what one “discerning European client” did when he commissioned the folks from Maranello to create what is now known as the Ferrari Omologata. The one-off V12 Ferrari takes its cue from the 812 Superfast and replaces every body panel, save for the windshield and headlights.

The “new” car features an oval grille, three slatted horizontal bars on the rear glass, and single taillights. All this is finished in a special, tri-layer Rosso Magma paint scheme, further complemented by carbon fiber accents. Inside, it’s an all black affair—save for the seats that are clad in an electric blue leather and Jeans Aunde fabric.

While Ferrari has not revealed any powertrain details (like whether the V12 motor was tweaked to produce more power), what’s clear is that this 10th V12 model for our modern times has a clear link to Ferrari GTs of yore. While it is a one-off for a special client, the Ferrari Omologata does show what can be done with a bit of imagination (and yes, a lot of money).

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