October 24, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Find out if your 2017-2019 Mazda is included in the Preventive Service Campaign

Mazda Philippines has announced a Preventive Service Campaign involving a number of vehicles with faulty fuel pump motors. This, the Japanese carmaker made, together with its nationwide dealership network.

The said Preventive Service Campaign covers 1,838 Mazda vehicles sold between 2017 and 2019, which includes the following models:

  • Mazda2: DJ/DL 735 units
  • Mazda3: BN 347 units
  • Mazda6: GJ 6 units
  • MX-5: ND 12 units
  • CX-5: KF 699 units
  • CX-9: TC 39 units

The aforementioned vehicles were found to have faulty fuel pump motors that may cause problems later on if left unchecked. Mazda will replace this part free of charge, which should take around 2.5 hours.

Mazda has begun contacting owners of said vehicles to inform them that their units are part of the Preventive Service Campaign. It has likewise issued the full list of Vehicle Identification Numbers to its dealerships as their reference so that they may implement the campaign smoothly.

Vehicle owners are likewise encouraged to get in touch with their Mazda dealer to check if their vehicle is included in the campaign.

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