October 21, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Foton’s Gratour TM300 can help empower your business

If there’s one bright spot that this COVID-19 pandemic has, it’s the potential for numerous business opportunities. Online businesses with delivery needs has given rise to the need for vehicles that cater to such requirements. One such option is the Foton Gratour TM300.

This workhorse of a Cab and Chassis packs a potent yet efficient 2.2-liter Euro-4 compliant diesel engine that allows it to have a payload capacity of up to 1,130kg. This is perfect for cargo and even passenger carrying requirements. What’s more, the aforementioned Cab and Chassis configuration means you’ve got numerous ways to specify your truck.

One way to go is to utilize it as a dropside pickup. The open steel pick-up bed is perfect for lipat bahay services. Then there is the F-Van that can be used to deliver grocery items, packages, appliances, and even furniture.

Those that want to set up their own mobile store or kitchen can spec the Wing Van format that can be customized to meet their needs. And of course, the clamor for safe transportation calls for a shuttle service that can seat up to 16 people in safety and comfort. This, the Gratour TM300 can likewise do.

Contact your nearest Foton dealer to find out how the Gratour TM300 can empower your business.

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