November 24, 2019 By C! Magazine Staff

GITI Tires Launches Full Passenger Car Radial Lineup

Giti Tires showcases their tires’ performance and durability in back to back events with a track day and a 4-hour endurance race

Northern Automax Intersales, Inc., the exclusive Philippine distributor of Giti Tires, is cementing their mark in the tire industry with the launch of their full passenger car radial tires line up, recently hosting an International summit participated by the Giti Tires family network, press and media personalities from Latin America, Africa, Middle East and all over Asia.

Giti Tires is a Singapore head-quartered brand with five (5) R&D, and Testing centers spread out in Germany, USA, China, Indonesia, and the UK that is continually innovating and improving designs for passenger cars and truck tires in their eight manufacturing plants around the world.

In the Philippines, Giti Tires is one of the most prominent imported and distributed brands. Northern Automax Group has been the local arm of Giti Tires since the early 1990s and has over 600 dealers nationwide. “We take great pride in every tire product we sell and attest to its outstanding workmanship. We will continue to be committed in serving the Filipino motorists with a wide range of tire products of superior quality and performance delivering total value”, said AlRomanof “Mannix” Ocampo, Vice President for Sales and Marketing of Northern Automax Intersales, Inc.

Giti Tires produces over 100 million tires a year and has more than US$ 3.2 Billion annual revenue globally. They have been very active in motorsports with the sponsorship of the Philippines’ Giti- Formula V1 Challenge, the Formula 3 Asian Championships, Asia Formula Renault, China Prototype Endurance Race, Macau Grand Prix Lotus Cup, and Dakar Desert Rally in Peru.

The tire manufacturer also fielded the first-ever all-female endurance team to mark their third consecutive year of competing in the prestigious 24 Hours Nürburgring.

The brand was also present as one of the major sponsors of the recently concluded 46th Berlin Marathon, one of the world’s biggest marathon races with over one million spectators and 62,000 participants.

This momentous event brought together Giti’s key partners in their push to provide superior quality products to become the global market leader in the tire industry.

The highlight of the gathering was the on-track session at Clark International Speedway, where the entirety of Giti Tire’s Passenger Car Radial lineup was laid out for partners and both local and international media to experience firsthand. Several high-performance Ford Mustangs were equipped with GitiSport GTR3 tires where participants were asked to accelerate to 80 km/h and suddenly brake, and participate in a small slalom session showing the tremendous amount of grip the tires delivered. The testing took place in both wet and dry conditions, and guests also had the exciting opportunity to try out Giti’s motorsports offerings in an actual Formula V1 car from the Giti-Formula V1 Challenge.

During the press conference, Giti Tires Executive Director for International Marketing and Sales Chris Bloor, Giti Tires European Testing Center Martin Gibson and Robert Franklin for International Sales and Marketing joined Ocampo to reiterate the extensive, dynamic research and development behind each tire produced.

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