April 08, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

Got a question about your vehicle? Why not Ask Ford

In early 2020, Ford Philippines rolled out its Ask Ford customer service portal on its website. A year after, it has helped quite a number of clients with their various concerns.

To date, Ask Ford has attended to some 9,300 queries with around 100 unique topics per month. These topics range from basic client inquiries, all the way to more complex concerns regarding vehicle ownership and maintenance.

The Ask Ford portal uses Artificial Intelligence to search for answers to the various questions and concerns posed. It draws knowledge from an extensive database, as well as searching Owners Manuals of different vehicles. It likewise uses Web Crawlers to search the web to get the most accurate answers to these queries.

So the next time you have a concern or question about your Ford vehicle, feel free to visit the 24/7 self-service portal, Ask Ford, at https://euw-va2.astuteknowledge.com/ford/PHPublic/?sf136197104=1

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