June 28, 2022 By Francis G. Pallarco Photos By by Jeric Dy

GOT JAOS? RIDE Off Road shows us their JAOS equipped Toyota Hilux Conquest

It wasn’t until the eighties when Toyota chose to give the third-gen Hilux all the right ingredients to become a true off roader. Since then it has become known for being somewhat ‘unbreakable’, becoming a popular workhorse for commercial use with a spacious bed to haul stuff and four-wheel drive capability for unpaved roads. Through the years, the Hilux has evolved much, causing it to shrug some of its utilitarian image. Reinforced by the whole outdoor lifestyle in full swing and what not. But one thing’s for sure, the Hilux remains a true off roader and a popular platform for off road tuning with a host of aftermarket goodies for looks and performance.

When it comes to tuning Japanese off road vehicles, Japan Off Road Service or JAOS is the leading manufacturer of off road accessories. Founded in 1985, JAOS continues to set the trend in manufacturing all kinds of accessories for off road enthusiasts. Over 20-plus years of experience in developing rims, roof racks and more, has made JAOS a quality brand recognized worldwide. Acting as the exclusive distributor of JAOS products locally, RIDE Offroad prides itself in offering only the best internationally known off road accessories. To showcase the latest line-up of JAOS products, they have outfitted a current-gen Toyota Hilux Conquest with a host of JAOS accessories and parts that make it even more capable of hitting the off road trail.


For starters, JAOS has developed a few engine components specifically for the Hilux such as, JAOS Battlez air filter, Battlez Suction hose, Battlez intercooler hose and Battlez twin tailpipe exhaust. Collectively these bolt-on parts should help the 170-plus (factory rated) horsepower, 2.8-liter, turbocharged diesel engine to work more efficiently. For the suspension it has the JAOS Battlez 2-inch Lift Up Set composed of higher rated front coil springs and rear leaf springs which are paired with 14-stage adjustable damping front and rear shock absorbers. This upgrade allows the suspension to handle rough terrain while the added ground clearance is beneficial for clearing obstacles on the trail and more importantly allows for a bigger tire and wheel upgrade.

Aside from the body there are plenty of components underneath the vehicle that could get damaged while going on an off road trail. As such, this kind of protection comes in many forms like on this pickup where it has a JAOS front skid plate; JAOS fender flares (Color matched), JAOS side steps and JAOS mud flaps. For added visibility during nighttime driving, the JAOS fog lamp with LED bulbs will surely illuminate the path. The BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires make sure there’s enough traction on or off road while the 17-inch JAOS Tribe Claw wheel with its multi-spoke pattern lends a modern yet rugged feel. Overall, this is one well-equipped Hilux Conquest pickup with the right and proper amount of mods that make it even more capable whether its driven on the urban jungle or traversing the off road trail.



2018 Toyota Hilux Conquest 4×4

RIDE Offroad


Engine Mods

JAOS Battlez Intercooler Hose, JAOS Battlez Suction Hose,

JAOS Battlez Air Fliter, JAOS Battlez exhaust with twin tailpipes,


Suspension Mods

JAOS Battlez Lift Up Set VFCA

JAOS Battlez Front Coil Springs, JAOS Battlez Rear Leaf Springs,

JAOS Battlez Front and Rear Shock Absorbers (14-Stage adjustable damping),


Exterior Mods

JAOS Front Skid Bar, JAOS Fog Lamp Set, JAOS Side Step (black),

JAOS Fender Flares Type-X (9mm) Color Matched, JAOS Emblem,

JAOS (Large) Mud Guard and Mud Guard Bracket,



BF Goodrich All-Terrain A/T KD2 Tires (LT275/70R17)

JAOS Tribe Claw Wheels (17×8, 6Hx139.7)

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