August 29, 2014 By C! Magazine Staff

GT Radial Maxmiler Pro comes to the Philippines

Touted as a top class commercial tire, the GT Radial Maxmiler Pro finally arrived on Philippine grounds.

An all-exclusive dealer launch was held at the Makati Shangri-la on August 29, 2014 to celebrate the coming of the best Maxmiler yet. Attended by the country’s most trusted tire dealers, partner automotive distributors, and GT Radial top executives from Indonesia, China and Singapore, the launch of the Maxmiler Pro depicted a festive Philippines.
Dancers clad in Philippine festival costumes ushered in guests and partners for a lively evening set like a true fiesta – with the best food, entertainment and surprises for guests – from a free tablet for all dealers who attended, to three brand new cars, as a prize for the chosen Maxmiler Pro Champions and Asian trips to all dealers that did not win the cars.
With the theme and tagline Kahit Saan, Kahit Kailan, Maasahan, the launch harped on the promise that the Maxmiler Pro will be every driver’s trusted partner when it comes to conquering the Philippine roads for utility transport of passengers and cargo.
Compared with its CX predecessor, the MAXMILER PRO optimizes the rolling resistance by having flat contour design to ensure less tire deformation during rotation under heavy payload. The result: lower fuel consumption, which means better value for end users.
The MAXMILER PRO’s circumferential ribs with sipes provide good handling, acceleration, grip and less rubber abrasion for better mileage.  Large shoulder blocks with integrated sipes, improve cornering stability and braking. Wide circumferential grooves evacuate water effectively and reduce aquaplaning for safe & better handling on wet surfaces. That’s the performance promise characteristic of GT Radial tires.
The MAXMILER PRO tire construction is much improved, with the innovative rubber bead cushion inserted in the bead area. Now you have a stronger, more robust and durable tire to carry your load any where, any time – for a longer period of time!
“This tire means business for private and commercial vans, Asian utility vehicles, and MPVs,” says Mark Alvin Dy, Chief Operating Officer of GT Radial Philippines, “it gives you better mileage, safety for your passengers and your precious cargo – in a long-lasting, high quality product. It delivers professional performance and maximum value for money.”
The MAXMILER PRO will be available starting 3rd quarter 2014. Delivering great value for business, there is indeed, much to celebrate with the coming of the Maxmiler Pro.

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