January 23, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

HARI and EV Owners Society join forces for an electric vehicle future

It’s no secret that Hyundai is one of the carmakers that’s pushing for electrification in the automotive industry. Now, Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. takes things a step further by teaming up with the EV Owners Society.

The new group formed by the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines brings together EV owners in the country to establish a support system and likewise get their inputs on how to advance an EV environment in the country.

Hyundai itself has two fully electric vehicles in its lineup. These are the IONIQ and Kona Electric. While they may look like your regular car and Crossover from the outside, beneath the sheetmetal lies an innovative electric motor and battery system. This translates to zero emissions driving that can be used just like a regular gasoline-powered vehicle.

With this team up, we will hopefully see more Hyundai EVs roaming our streets in the years to come.

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