February 20, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

HARI helps Bacoor modernize its PUVs

As the government continues to push for its Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program, Hyundai Asia Resources Inc likewise forges ahead with partnerships like the one with the City of Bacoor in Cavite. The Korean vehicle maker recently turned over a fleet of HD50S Class 3 Modern PUVs to one of the city’s transport groups.

Around 15 units of Hyundai HD50S Class 3 Modern PUVs were handed over to the Magnificat Transport Cooperative as part of its and the local government’s bid to modernize its public transport fleet. Not only will these new vehicles provide safe transportation for the public. They will also help bring economic progress by providing more jobs to more people in the city.

With this, HARI hopes that in its own little way, it can help the country move forward towards a better tomorrow.

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