September 23, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

Honda Refreshed the BeAT Scooter

Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) refreshed the BeAT,  a scooter best suited for first-time riders. The New BeAT features the Enhanced Smart Power (eSP), Combi Brake System (CBS), which optimizes energy output by minimizing efficient combustion and minimizing efficient combustion and friction with a silent start and a smooth eco-friendly engine.

What’s more is its Informative Semi-Digital Meter Panel with Eco Indicator, tubeless tires, an attractive headlight and signal light combination cluster, sharp taillight brake, and signal light cluster, plus a seating height of 740mm that makes it even more suitable for first-time riders.

It also features an Idling Stop System (ISS) that automatically switches the engine off at traffic lights and other brief stops, making the scooter fuel-efficient of up to 63.7 km/L.

The New BeAT comes in three new stripe designs: Street, Fashion Sport, and Premium design with a standard retail price of Php 67,400.00, Php 67,400.00, and Php 70,400.00, respectively.

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