June 29, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

How much will it cost to lease a Toyota through KINTO ONE?

Last Friday, Toyota Motor Philippines and its subsidiary, Toyota Financial Services Philippines rolled out KINTO ONE, a new mobility service that allows customers to lease select Toyota vehicle models for a fixed monthly subscription over a three or four year period.

The service lets one enjoy vehicle usage minus the strings attached to new car ownership. The fixed monthly fee includes:

  • Periodic Maintenance Services
  • Normal wear and tear costs
  • Annual comprehensive insurance
  • Vehicle registration

One does not need to worry about costs such as downpayments. And once the term is up, all one needs to do is return the vehicle. And that’s it. Sounds interesting, right? But how much does one exactly need to pay per month, to avail of the leasing service?

Do you think KINTO ONE is for you?

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