November 22, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

Husqvarna Motorcycles Philippines produces Moto Conversations Podcast with Sam YG

With the rise of on-the-go audio content, Husqvarna Motorcycles Philippines produces a six-episode podcast that features relatable and lighthearted conversations among the country’s most influential riders.

As we thirst for fresh, quality and local motorcycle content, Husqvarna Motorcycles Philippines steps up to the plate by launching Moto Conversations Podcast this month.

Following the fun and humorous hosting style of Sam YG, Moto Conversations Podcast lets you inside a raw, unfiltered and lighthearted banter among true-blue riders (who just happen to be in the limelight).

Finding a common ground (which is their love for riding and Husqvarna Motorcycles), influencer riders come together to share their origin stories, reminisce their most memorable experiences, air their pet peeves, and celebrate the overall joy and life-lessons that riding has taught them.

Exclusively up on Spotify (, you can now download or listen as you move to Moto Conversations Podcast (by Husqvarna Motorcycles Philippines) anytime, anywhere.

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