April 07, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

Hyundai PH is @YourService during this pandemic

The lockdown that was imposed around a year ago left numerous vehicle owners having to delay their car’s Preventive Maintenance Service in the name of safety. Carmakers like Hyundai Asia Resources Inc, however, understand that this isn’t advisable. Hence, it serves up its @YouService mobile service program.

Under the @YourService program, vehicle owners can choose to avail of either the Door-to-your-Door service or Pick and Delivery. The former means your Hyundai can be serviced in your home. The latter, meanwhile, entails the Hyundai service team picking up your ride, bringing it to the dealer for service, and delivering it back to you in top shape.

Both these services are available for PMS and other routine service jobs. Of course, more complex repairs may need to be done at the dealer. Either way, you get the same after-sales service that Hyundai has to offer.

So go ahead and book that service appintment at https://www.hyundai.ph/service/atyourservice?fbclid=IwAR1eOssx2bmAUm0TZiUny2JdsRhy9JDjBlb_C_L4YHYz74G8GjvwViBFmE4 today.

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