August 31, 2022 By C! Magazine Staff

In Memory of Gerard Jude L. Castillo

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of one of our valued colleagues, Gerard Jude L. Castillo.

Gerard worked tirelessly as our Online Editor for C! Magazine, and made sure our digital platforms were populated with the latest auto industry news and updates on a daily basis with his articles. He was a very committed and dedicated team member, and it reflected on the work he rendered for both our print and online aspects for a span of fifteen years. He was a gentle soul, and was kind and patient to anyone who’d seek his help.

He took on the heavy challenges life threw at him with his unwavering faith and inspiring courage. He did his best to not let his health condition get in the way of his solid work ethic. He and his huge contributions to C! Magazine will never be forgotten, and we will always be grateful.

We send our deepest condolences to all his friends and most especially to his bereaved family in this most difficult time. We pray that he rests in peace in the warm embrace of our Lord. We also pray for healing and comfort for the family he left behind.

Farewell Gerard, you will truly be missed. Rest in peace.

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