January 15, 2022 By Gerard Jude Castillo

It’s Coming: Toyota Motor PH set to launch the RAV4 Hybrid

Barely a month after Toyota Motor Philippines TMP) introduced the Camry Hybrid Electric Vehicle, the Japanese carmaker is set to reveal yet another sustainable mobility offering. In a few weeks, TMP will be debuting the RAV4 Hybrid in the Philippine market.

The RAV4 HEV is the compact SUV’s hybrid model fitted with Toyota’s vaunted next-generation gasoline-hybrid electric propulsion system that not only allows the SUV to run on pure electric power for a limited range. It likewise offers stellar fuel economy and lower exhaust emissions.

By the same token, the RAV4 HEV will be fitted with the latest safety systems to keep occupants and other road users out of harm’s way. Plus, it promises to provide comfort and balanced driving dynamics as it rides on the Toyota New Global Architecture platform.

While TMP has not revealed the RAV4 HEV’s full specs, it did say that it will be priced at ₱2,157,000. Expect to see the 2022 Toyota RAV4 HEV land on Philippine shores this February.

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