December 28, 2018 By Eric Tipan

Jaguar Land Rover invents ‘smart’ door

Auto opens/closes and even detects lampposts and other vehicles beside it

Your brand-new paint job will soon be safe from dings in the parking lot with the newly developed door by Jaguar Land Rover.

It will also be a pro-PWD (person with disability) system as it will be able to help disabled customers get in and out of their vehicle more easily.

This mobility door prototype is currently being tested on a Range Rover Sport and will use motion sensors, gesture control and existing keyless entry technology to detect the driver as they walk towards the vehicle before automatically opening the door.

An overhead button allows occupants to close the door without have to reach out and pull it in. It can also be programmed to close by itself when the driver walks away.

The system comes with software built into the infotainment system that shows the status of each door.

Using radar, the driver’s door detects lampposts, vehicles and other obstacles to stop the door from swinging wide open and coming in contacts with the other object.

Jaguar Land Rover is working with a gold medal-winning Invictus athlete and former Royal Marine Commando Mark Ormrod, Britain’s first triple amputee from the Afghanistan conflict, to trial the system.

“This innovative Jaguar Land Rover technology would be such a benefit to me and has real power to change lives for those who face problems getting in and out of the car. Opening and closing the car door may seem like such an insignificant task to many people but sometimes it’s the small, everyday obstacles which people take for granted that are most frustrating to overcome for those living with disabilities,” said Ormrod.

“The mobility door is an exciting piece of technology that offers a real-world value to our customers. There’s also something very welcoming about the door opening on your approach – something we think will be greatly valued as we become more familiar with shared mobility,” said Xu Zhou, Deep Learning Technical Research Manager at Jaguar Land Rover.

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