March 24, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

Lalamove can help your business in more ways than you realize

The past year has truly been an interesting one. It has not only made us realize the importance of certain aspects of our lives but has likewise made us see existing things in a new and totally different light. Take the case of delivery services.

The delivery service industry is nothing new as it has been around for ages. Yet who would have thought that it could be the lifeblood of small and medium enterprises who rely on it to move their wares. One good example is Sunnies Studios, a popular fashion accessory provider who relies on companies like Lalamove to move items such as sunglasses and prescription glasses to and from one place to another.

Sunnies Studios Creative Director and co-founder Martine Cajucom-Ho shares how she found Lalamove’s system and features to be godsend, especially during the pandemic. The app, for instance, is easily accessible on one’s mobile phone, making it convenient and easy to use.

Apart from this, the GPS tracking system lets one track their deliveries as they head to their destination. This was especially useful when Martine had to send out valuable or fragile items.

And Lalamove is one of the few delivery services that makes use of multiple sizes of delivery vehicles. This means you can have various types of packages transported without worrying if they’ll fit or not. It’s like it was tailor made for one’s different needs.

Check out Lalamove and see how it can cater to your business and its needs today.


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