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Land Rover reveals three electric car prototypes

Land Rover reveals three electric car prototypes

Jaguar-Land Rover to invest in hybrid and electric technologies in the future

Jaguar-Land Rover is investing into the hybrid and electric car market. The company has unveiled a trio of cars featuring the company’s latest developments in hybrid and electric technologies. For the CENEX (Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technologies) Low Carbon Vehicle event, Land Rover displayed a Range Rover Sport, a Range Rover Evoque and a rolling chassis as test beds for the new technology.

The three vehicles are called the Concept_e research demo cars featuring Land Rover’s electric Drive Module (eDM). The company’s first attempt at modular electric drive modules were developed in-house by the Jaguar-Land Rover engineers. According to Land Rover, the eDM system can be paired with any engine and transmission for mild hybrid electric or plug-in hybrid applications. The eDM system may also be used to create a full electric vehicle which will be a first for Land Rover. Land Rover adds that the eDM system delivers twice the power and torque of any electric motor-generator in production today.

“This is a long-term Jaguar Land Rover research project exploring all aspects of future hybrid and battery electric vehicle technology. The three Concept_e vehicles will allow us to test and develop exciting new potential technologies that could form part of our low and zero emissions vision beyond 2020.”, said Dr. Wolfgang Epple, Jaguar-Land Rover Director for Research and Technology

For conventional hybrid set-ups, Land Rover applied the eDM technologies to a Range Rover Evoque. Called the Concept_e MHEV, it features a prototype three-cylinder diesel engine that puts out 90 PS and a 48 volt electrical system. It also comes with a 15 kW crank integrated motor with disconnect clutch within a hybrid module and mated to a 9-speed automatic transmission.

Using a Range Rover Sport as a platform, Land Rover put in their plug-in hybrid technologies for the  Concept_e PHEV. Like its mild hybrid counterpart, the Concept_e PHEV comes with a prototype engine. The new four-cylinder gas engine puts out 300 PS while the electric motors are capable of up to 150 kw, giving the Concept_e PHEV a total output of almost 500 PS. It is mated to an 8-speed automatic and four wheel drive has been retained.

The Concept_e BEV isn’t based on any existing Land Rover platform. The bespoke rolling chassis is based on Jaguar Land Rover’s aluminium vehicle architecture. The full-electric test bed comes with a 70 kWh HV lithium ion traction battery and electric axle drive (EAD) units. The front drive unit features a single speed transmission coupled with an 85 kW electric motor. The rear drive unit features a twin speed transmission coupled with a 145 kW electric motor.

“Environmental Innovation is at the heart of our business. We have a wide-ranging low emissions technology strategy, which has created innovations like our Ingenium engine family and lighter vehicles. Technologies like these have already helped us reduce our fleet CO2 average by 25 per cent in recent years.” said Dr. Epple.

Land Rover reveals three electric car prototypes Land Rover reveals three electric car prototypes Land Rover reveals three electric car prototypes

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