November 21, 2022 By C! Magazine Staff

Legendary brand Elf Lands on Philippine Shores for Motorcycle Enthusiasts.


Elf by YHI Philippines Inc., Motovita, and Archway are pleased to announce a distribution partnership agreement in which YHI, the sole authorized distributor of Elf Lubricants in the Philippines will have Motovita, a one-stop motorcycle helmet and accessories shop and Archway, a multi-brand motorcycle dealership as a distributor-partner to market the legendary Elf brand. The partnership will strengthen Elf’s market position in the Philippine lubricants industry market particularly in the Motorcycle oil segment.

The initial line-up of products.

The YHI Philippines-Motovita-Archway partnership will combine each company’s brand equity and internal distribution strength to not only ensure that they stay at the forefront of motorcycle oils distribution, but also bring together expertise in business transmission, continuously offer customers high-quality products and distinctive customer services that forge lasting customer relationships.

As a sign of commitment, YHI Philippines Inc, Motovita and Archway solidifies this partnership on November 18, 2022 in a simple signing ceremony at Moon Rabbit Cafe in San Juan City. Elf, a brand that embodies passion and technical expertise will continue to collaborate with entities that are customer-facing and service-efficient. Elf, a legend that lives on!

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