June 11, 2022 By Gerard Jude Castillo

Lexus luxury returns to the Rockwell Powerplant Mall this June

Whether they admit it or not, most folks often see  Lexus as just another luxury car. The Japanese luxury automaker, however, wants to convey the message that while it may be playing in the luxury car arena, it has a few aces up its upscale sleeve. These are what it will showcase as it returns to the Rockwell Powerplant Mall this June 13-19, 2022.

The one-week display at one of Makati City’s premiere malls will bring the Lexus brand of Omotenashi and Takumi craftsmanship closer to its target audience. But what exactly do Omotenashi and Takumi mean?

Omotenashi is essentially Lexus’ interpretation of Japanese hospitality. This is how it makes its clients feel welcome. This is experienced in details such as the type of materials used in the cabin, to little touches such as the use of Kiriko glass art ornamentation in the interior to make one feel warm and special.

This, along with exceptional craftsmanship created by Takumi craftsmen who ensure that every inch and layer of paint, leather, or any surface is of the highest quality. For indeed, luxury car clients look for and deserve nothing but the best.

These hallmarks will be highlighted in the Lexus LS flagship sedan, IS sport sedan, and the RX luxury crossover that will be at centerstage for everyone to peruse and experience at the Rockwell Powerplant Mall from June 13-19, 2022. 

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