May 18, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

Lexus Manila rolls out free two-year maintenance packages NX, RX, and UX this May

If you’ve been waiting for the  opportunity purchase a premium car at the right price with uncompromising luxury, the time may have come for you. Lexus Manila is offering special deals and generous financing packages for the entire month of May.

For a while now, Lexus has been a staple luxury car arena thanks to their vehicles’ carefully crafted designs and exciting performance.

This summer, Lexus is offering deal for its NXRX, and UX models which come with free, two-year periodic maintenance service for vehicles sold through the Lexus Manila dealership and service-enrolled vehicles. These three are one of the best-looking crossovers in the market today, and Lexus Manila is taking advantage of their growing popularity by dishing out worthwhile ownership packages. 

The signature ES and LS sedans are being offered this summer at 30% or 50% downpayment, for a 36-month term, at 0% interest. Both models also come with a free 2-year periodic maintenance if purchased this month.

Lexus Manila is dishing out these discounts and packages until the end of May 2021. Those who’ve been eyeing to upgrade  with these takumi-crafted vehicles might want to take advantage.

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