January 15, 2022 By Gerard Jude Castillo

Lexus Philippines at 13: Luxury infused with hospitality and innovation

It was in 2009 when Lexus first opened its doors on Philippine shores. While it wasn’t an unknown brand especially among car enthusiasts, it did have an uphill battle against the more established luxury marques that Filipinos were used to. 

Since then, however, Lexus has not only won the hearts of many Filipinos but has even introduced a few unique innovations in the luxury automobile space. Over the past 13 years, Filipinos have seen innovations and attributes that aren’t exactly commonplace in the segment. 

Takumi: Also known as Master Craftsmanship in Japanese, each Lexus vehicle is put together not just by engineers but master craftsmen that infuse a spirit of warmth and hospitality that is otherwise absent in what is usually dubbed a cold and almost digital or lifeless class of vehicle. The attention to detail, colors, and texture used to reflect not only Japanese masterpieces but human-centered hospitality that make occupants feel at home.

Lexus Driving Signature: Over the years, Lexus has been known for its improved dynamics behind the wheel. From simply being smooth operators, the premium marque has put a lot more excitement in its vehicles. Part of this can be attributed to its relentless pursuit for perfection, which also includes giving customers a relaxed yet still engaging time behind the wheel. This has been further honed at Toyota’s own Shimoyama Test Track that simulates real-world driving characteristics. The result is a smooth yet spirited time on any road condition.

Sustainable mobility throughout the range: Lexus has been one of the luxury brands that has been a staunch advocate of hybrid technology. This is seen in its wide range of Hybrid Electric Vehicles, from the LS, RX, IS, NX, and now the ES. Each of these offerings allows Filipinos a taste of sustainable luxury motoring. 

As it celebrates 13 years in the Philippines, Lexus looks to provide even more luxury imbued with hospitality and innovation in the years to come.


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