September 29, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

London-based Drinks Cubed chooses Volta Zero fully electric trucks

Less than a month after it was unveiled, the Volta Zero fully electric truck already has its first customer. This is London-based sustainable drinks company Drinks Cubed.

Even as the Volta Zero is set to begin production in 2022, Drinks Cubed already signed a multi-million dollar agreement with Volta Trucks to acquire a fleet of its carbon neutral vehicles between 2022 and 2023. And a closer look at both companies will reveal that what they have in common goes beyond mere zero tailpipe emissions.

Drinks Cubed, for instance, is the world’s first drinks company to utilize such materials as ASI certified aluminum, FSC certified paperboard, and EU sourced plant-based plastics for its packaging. Volta Trucks, meanwhile, uses carbon neutral, naturally-grown flax fiber and biodegradable resin composites in the construction of its Zero truck’s body panels.

With this, it is but natural that the two companies come together as their approaches to sustainability in their production processes and output truly complement each other. We can expect to see Volta Zero trucks transporting Drinks Cubed’s line of products sometime in 2022.

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