November 21, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Lotus EV development to go full steam ahead with new battery testing facility

There’s no denying that the automotive electrification race is on. Carmakers are on the move to come up with electric vehicles that aren’t just emissions-free but can travel longer on a single charge without compromising driving performance. To this end, automakers like Lotus Engineering rolls out its now containerized battery testing facility.

Located at the Lotus headquarters in Hethel and the Lotus Advanced Technology Center in Wellesbourne, West Midlands in the UK, the new facilities aim to test battery cell, module and pack,, to evaluate performance, characteristics, and lifetime or longevity.

These tests will be carried out in containers (hence the name containerized) that measure about 40ft, which is essentially the size of a typical shopping container. These will allow them to be designed as a modular unit that can easily be packed up and brought to the field for battery testing when needed.

What all this essentially means is that Lotus will be able to test how battery cells and packs will perform in electric vehicle applications, simulated under controlled conditions before heading out into the real world.

The containerized battery testing facility will commence operations with its first project in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

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