May 24, 2016 By C! Magazine Staff

Mandaluyong boasts of having most effective Etrike System in the country


After numerous attempts, it seems the code has finally been cracked. Finally, there is a successful ETrike Program being implemented in the city of Mandaluyong. And the key: it is a complete electric vehicle transport solution package.

There have been numerous attempts to implement an effective electric tricycle program in other parts of the country such as Taguig, Surigao, Bulacan and Puerto Princesa but somehow, they did not last very long. Something was missing.

Ironically, Mandaluyong is no stranger to this. They were the recipient of a grant by the Asian Development Bank to pilot-test 20 ETrikes but due to technical glitches that plagued the prototype batch, only a few are now running.


Enter EVWealth, a member of the Guevarra Group of Companies based in Mandaluyong City and a sister company of Radiowealth Finance Corporation (RFC).

EVWealth came into the scene with a complete transport solution package, from a high quality ETrike unit that has been specifically designed for Philippine roads, a system for mass transport franchise operations, a complete battery charging and swapping system that addresses range anxiety and battery maintenance concerns, and best of all, through the backing of RFC, a financing scheme that was affordable to the regular tricycle driver.

Abet Avecilla, general manager of EVWealth explains that the main intent of their business model is to help the tricycle drivers of Mandaluyong increase their daily income. “Our ETrike seats six passengers compared to three in the regular tricycle. And since their daily ‘boundary’ is in effect their daily amortization, the drivers end up owning the ETrike at the end of the loan period. And of course, they help improve the environment as well”.


“EVWealth has successfully deployed more than 100 units in under six months of its implementation, probably the biggest single deployment of ETrikes in a community. Thus our ETrikebayans as we call them, are now very visible within Mandaluyong, thanks to the very supportive local government”.

Outgoing Mayor Benhur Abalos was passionate in making Mandaluyong a “green” city. He was more than willing to support the Etrike project. Through a local city ordinance, he directed that the franchises of all tricycles with two-stroke engines not to be renewed and may only be replaced with ETrikes. He thus hit two birds with one stone. He was able to implement the Clean Air Act by taking two-stroke motorcycles off the road and he was able to introduce non-polluting, eco-friendly ETrikes.


These initiatives will be continued by newly-elected Mayor Carmelita Abalos and the projection is about 1,200 units of ETrikebayans will soon be plying the streets of Mandaluyong replacing the smoke-belching two-stroke tricycles.

Rommel Juan, president of the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines says that EVAP is happy with the success of EVWealth. “And we see that the program really does help the Mandaluyong tricycle drivers because their income has tripled! We need more adoptions of this successful system nationwide. This might just be the catalyst that the industry badly needs.”


“The EVWealth ETrikebayans in Mandaluyong is the most successful ETrike Program thus far in the country. It has the most number of units on the road, sturdy OE quality, professionally-made electric tricycles, a system for mass transport franchise operations, a very convenient and effective battery charging and swapping system and financing to boot”, said Juan.

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