May 26, 2022 By Gerard Jude Castillo

Maserati reaches for the sky with the MC20 Cielo

After several teasers, Maserati finally takes the wraps off its eagerly anticipated MC20 Cielo, which made its global debut recently.

Essentially a convertible version of the vaunted MC20 supercar that debuted in 2020, the MC20 Cielo receives a retractable top, which can be opened in just 12 seconds. This allows occupants to enjoy open-top, open air motoring  with the same experience offered by the coupe version. This includes the same 3.0 Nettuno-liter 3.0-liter V6 that puts out 621bhp and 538lb-ft of torque that mated to an 8-speed dual clutch gearbox. This allows the supercar to reach 320km/h.

The retractable roof itself features a chromatic glass panel that can easily turn from opaque to transparent thanks to the use of a polymer dispersed liquid crystal. This means you can choose the level of transparency just like that.

Just like its coupe sibling, the MC20 Cielo makes extensive use of carbon fiber. In this case, it is strategically laid out to help improve rigidity, making up for the retractable top and open roof design. But thanks to the use of this lightweight material, the Cielo is only some 65kg heavier than its coupe brother. 

As of press time, Maserati has not announced when the MC20 Cielo will go on sale. 

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