May 03, 2021 By C! Magazine Staff

Mazda PH gives owners added peace of mind with 2-year Extended Service Plan

Around a year ago, Mazda Philippines introduced an industry-leading 5-year free Preventive Maintenance Service package for every new vehicle purchase. This essentially extended the already comprehensive 3-year Yojin3 free PMS plan.

But what about those folks who are still under the Yojin3 plan who want a bit more peace of mind and intend to keep their cars longer, you ask? For them, Mazda Philippines serves up its Prepaid 2-year Extended Service Plan.

As the name suggests, this package is a 2-year Preventive Maintenance Service plan that extends the Yojin3 package. This is open to all Mazdas purchased from 2017 to March 2020. It covers the 4th and 5th year of ownership and begins at the 70,000km PMS interval.

The plan costs P38,500 for SkyActiv-G and P45,000 for SkyActiv-D and BT-50-engined models and also comes with measures to prevent inflation on parts and labor for 2 years. Moreover, it offers Emergency Roadside Assistance to help owners out should they have trouble en route to their destination.

Check out the Prepaid 2-year Extended Service Plan at your nearest Mazda dealer today.

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