December 04, 2020 By Nicolas A. Calanoc

Meeting The Isuzu TRAVIZ

The Isuzu TRAVIZ was launched in Q4 of 2019, showing strength in market shares since because of its reliability and its Isuzu heritage of providing vehicles that can handle heavy work reliably. Isuzu has a been a staple for logistics when it comes to business and we finally got to meet the Isuzu TRAVIZ and get more details about it.

For starters, it has a net payload of 1,145 kg, meaning that it has the highest payload capacity versus its competitors. This also means that at its price, each kilo carried is worth PhP 50 of an investment. It also utilizes the highly coveted 4J1 engine that Isuzu owners have come to love with the Isuzu Crosswind, but this time around: the 4J1 engine is Euro 4.

The Isuzu TRAVIZ is simply a well-designed vehicle that is easily serviceable, familiar, easy to find parts, and economical both in capacity and fuel efficiency. It is also worth noting that Isuzu Philippines managed to keep the TRAVIZ under Class-1 when it comes to the highway by being 7.2 feet high, with the maximum height of being 7.5 feet for Class 1.


Here are the prices of the different Isuzu TRAVIZ you can get for your business needs:

Isuzu TRAVIZ Short 4×2: PhP 962,000

Isuzu TRAVIZ Long 4×2: PhP 992,000

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