August 03, 2020 By C! Magazine Staff

Metro Manila, nearby provinces take a timeout and go back to MECQ

Over the past few days, calls by medical frontlners to revert to Enhanced Community Quarantine have been mounting due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the country. As of this writing, we are now hitting around 100,000 cases, with an average of 5,000 patients a day. Thus, the call for a “timeout.”

In a bid to appease an imminent meltdown of our healthcare system while still taking into account the economy, President Rodrigo Duterte has just announced that Metro Manila, Laguna, Cavite, Rizal, and Bulacan will once again be placed under Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine from August 4 to 18, 2020.

While we were already under this type of lockdown a few months back, here’s a brief reminder about what travel restrictions will be in place. Hopefully, taking a timeout will help ease the spread of the disease and prevent an even greater crisis.

Stay home and stay safe, everyone!

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