October 22, 2019 By Carl S. Cunanan

Mobility for All

Toyota takes its core belief and expands it

Toyota is serious about mobility for all. They always have been, but now this idea moves past the merely automotive. The day before the opening of the Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota helps a series of meetings and conferences to explain the way their company is changing, and how they want to do for people on a both more individual and more holistic level what they have done by providing automotive transport to more in the past.

Toyota’s involvement in the Olympic and Paralympic Games is a surprisingly useful tool in this furthering of understanding. Four of the many athletes supported by the company spoke about what happens in their lives and how their lives change.

Very interesting was the story related personally by Ernie Gawilan, a Paralympic swimming competitor from the Philippines. He told the crowd that while he often felt hampered in his life, swimming in the sea gave him the freedom and the joy as nothing else did. It is exactly this idea that Toyota wants to bring out further. As the world changes, ages and opens up to differently abled individuals, the ability to be independently mobile that is now made possible by technology is an amazing one.

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