June 02, 2016 By C! Magazine Staff



Ever wondered what an out-of-this-world truck would look like? Imagine how 4-wheelers would be in year 2096 or maybe what aliens are driving right now in other galaxies or planets. We bet you’re dying to see and get your hands on a truck that is beyond this world. This June, Pinoy Sci-fi enthusiasts don’t have to rack their brain for their fantasy future monster truck. It’s roaring its way to Manila.

With its sleek silver body, pulsating green lights installed all over it and 66inch wheels that can run over a boulder, this truck will make any geek drool. It’s as if science fiction came to life while fans feast their eyes on this beast ripping its way through the track. It’s not a UFO – it’s the Monster Jam truck, Alien Invasion!

No, it doesn’t come with one-eyed creatures waving their three fingers at you. Alien Invasion is the newest addition to the Monster Jam competition line-up. Having debuted last early this year, this futuristic spectacle is set to pulverize any car or hurdle left in its way. Your eyes will surely be glued to it as it leaves a wake of destruction on the race track and battle the old-timers in this year’s Monster Jam in Manila. Are you ready to meet the newest Monster truck coming our way?


Alien Invasion is built with the most advanced specs
Being one of the latest models of Monster Jam trucks comes with an obvious set of perks, including features that are ahead of our time. The Alien Invasion is ready to roar onto the race track with its 540 CI Merlin engine, 1500 horsepower and Coan 2-Speed transmission. The light settings will wow the audience in ways no other truck can. With its green hue, Alien Invasion has 99 different light functionalities and can even glow in the dark. How’s that for futuristic features? Ultimately, it won’t just impress with its built and appearance. It’s set to beat the more experienced trucks and set a new record for the coming competitions.

The exhibitions will be otherworldly
Though the truck is considered a rookie in the competition, Alien Invasion won’t be intimidated by the veterans. This is especially because the man behind the wheel, Chad Tingler, comes from the legendary Team Grave Digger. He’s now out to show that this newbie truck can whip out breathtaking exhibitions. It will soar off the dirt jumps and make you question if it can fly or not. Its body and wheels are made to ensure it can sky wheelie or whip around and around for dizzying donuts without any problem. Any sci-fi fan will cheer like a madman when this revolutionary truck shows you how technology can defy laws of gravity.

It’s landing on Philippine shores this June
Sure, you won’t be seeing this truck along EDSA… yet. But you don’t have to wait too long. Let your excitement take over because the truck from the future will be here much sooner. Be mesmerized by its high-grade make on June 18 and 19, 2016 for the return of Monster Jam at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. It’s going to be bigger and wilder than last year, so don’t miss out. Get your tickets at any SM Tickets outlet. You can also call SM Tickets (02) 470 2222 or visit www.smtickets.com.

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