October 02, 2019 By C! Magazine Staff Words and photos by Maki Aganon

Nearing Half-a-Century: Wheeltek Empowers Generations with Mobilty, Celebrates 45th Year Anniverary.

Cabanatuan City – It is now nearly synonymous to Wheeltek. Now nearing half a century, the motorcycle-industry giant pushes the business forward, empowering people’s livelihood through motorcycles.

A well-attended affair in SM City Cabanatuan, Wheeltek occupied majority of floor space in the lower ground floor. Flowering the masses with a full range of motorcycle brands, small and big, common and rare, anything motorcycle inside the air-conditioned venue.

The program was held in a barricaded centerpiece, with a fairly sized stage, observable overhead all the way up to the top. In front, VIP seats offered for every guest, motorcycle brand manufacturer heads, managers, all mixed up, seated with the Odulio family. It was all cramped up, like a big family reunion.

Wheeltek knows how to run their own show. They seemed perfected the art of keeping your crowd.

The program started with a grand entrance of Wheeltek’s brand ambassador, Luis Manzano with lovely, Jessy Mendiola, which made the crowd go gaga. It was loud, and it gets louder when the celebs approach the barricaded crowd. It felt like a noontime show. Celebrities Gab Valenciano, Ruru Madrid, and Jak Roberto were also there to grace the celebration with each and every entertaining stage performances.

The first part of the program was a thanksgiving-awarding session for selected ‘industry-movers’ that had been part of Wheeltek’s success in the years past. Mr. Al Camba of Inside Racing, Raymon and Malou Gabriel of Breakfast Ride, Jobert Bolanos of MRO, Edwin Go of Motorsiklo Xclusibo and David Medrana of Angkas, just to name a few, were honored that day.

Motorcycle Manufacturers best each other in offering gifts to the Odulio family, in lieu of the company’s milestone. From extravagant ship scale models, outstanding family portraits, motorcycle milestone memorabilias and more, each gift to the family was well thought of and generously given.

I have never heard of the Odulio family’s beginnings, until we all witnessed the compiled documentary of Mr. Rene and Tessie Odulio.

In 1974, with only 3 Suzuki motorcycles to start off the business in Cabanatuan city, the power couple thrived and tried to grow their business. Like any other trade, they went through a lot of ups and downs, but they still managed to be resilient, focused and hands-on. Uncommon in families, the Odulios’ practice strong family values, applied even with partners and suppliers.

“Sa pamilya namin, lahat kami hands-on, hanggang sa mga anak at managers namin. Passion and focus, yun ang mahalaga. Ups and downs, no retreat, no surrender. Pero ang pinaka-importante sa amin, palakasan lang sa nasa-itaas..”, shared Mr. Rene Odulio.

It was unbelievable. It gave me goose bumps when I saw a clip when Mr. Rene was centered on a semi-circle with his sons, waving the Philippine flag.  That was a strong statement how Wheeltek envisions the future for their company, nowhere to go but forward.

With their recent acquisition of Harley-Davidson, soon to open a branch in Cavite looks like a strong start. There’s no stopping Wheeltek. No retreat, no surrender. The positivity of everything they do is there. The more they grow each brand, the more they keep their key to a new, better life.



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